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The Treehouses / Platforms

The support structures for the cabins, decks and platforms are quite diverse. The compression system with two beams is used especially for small structures, on one tree, and the platforms connected to the  bridges or ziplines. This technique can be combined with GL anchors (Garnier’s Limb) depending on the location of the trees and height of the structure. The higher the structure is, the more important it becomes to use a technique, such as the GL’s or the cables, to allow the trees to have a freedom of movement.
There are several possibilities as well as styles, sizes, finishing of treehouses, decks and platforms.

The Zip lines / Cables / Guy lines

The zip lines are average in length from fifty to five hundred meters. The cables are aircraft steel used in diameters of 3 / 8 and 1 / 2 inch. Guy lines are essential for the supports of bridges and zip lines. By adding guy lines,  the tree becomes a pole to which the load is distributed via the anchors of the guy lines.