Ziplines and aerial games

The history of the zipline seems to originate in the Tyrol and the Italian Dolomites. They were used in mountaineering to traverse steep valleys and canyons.  Techniques have improved considerably over the years and the art and sport of zip lining has been exported around the world, particularly by climbers. Zip-lines are also used by the Himalayans and in some regions of South America to transport food and materials, where land transportation is impossible.
Vivre Perché builds zip lines to solve the same kinds of problems. Whether it is to reach inaccessible environments, observation circuits or any other creative ideas you can dream-up.We also build ziplines for outdoor activities such as aerial adventure parks and challenge courses, always with the notion of adventure and fun in mind. Lastly ziplines are also used as a work horse for transporting materials providing the advantage of leaving a minimal footprint on the environment